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Registration (GP KOBE 2017)

From Peatix’s and our informations send by e-mail. Check your setting for spam mail before registration.

About registering (online registration) for the Grand Prix Kobe 2017 main tournament

* This is about registrations for the “MTG Grand Prix Kobe 2017″, held on the 27th and 28th of May, 2017.
* Registration fees can be paid by credit card or Paypal.
(If you live in Japan, by using the Japanese version of this page, it can be paid by convenience store / ATM.)
* The deadline is before noon (12 o’clock (JST)) May 19th.
->The deadline was changed to noon (12 o’clock (JST)) May 22th.(5/18added)
* Registering will require your name, nationality, address, phone number, mail address, DCI#, and DCI name. (If you have no DCI#, visit
* We outsource the registration to a service called Peatix. When applying, you will need a Peatix account, or a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.

Online Registration

First period : 4/17 18:00 – Number of slots: 2100
Second period: 5/1 18:00 – Number of slots: 1000
Additional registration: 5/15 18:00 – *Only the number with cancellation

Registration will also finish as soon as numbers of registrant becomes quotes.


If you would like to cancel, go to “Contact” and write your name, country, address, phone number, e-mail address, DCI number, DCI registration name, and wards for cancel until 5/13(Sat) 13:00.
*You can cancel after 5/13 13:00, but we cannot return fees.
*If you pay by ATM, you lose 500 yen for charge. Please look at Peatix.

Pre Registration List

You must check your name at Pre Registration List after you aplly.
If the list does not have your name after a week from your payment, contact us by “Contact”.

Making DCI number

You must need DCI number for pre-registration. You can get the number at Wizards’ site.

About DCI number and Wizards account

Wizards account system was updated on 3/21. If your account is not the latest version, your name cannot be displayed definitelly at events. And, you need to activate your DCI number.
Please access, and activate it. If you have something to confuse, contact Wizards’ customer support by e-mail.

About Sleep-In Special Registration

Every player eligible for the Sleep-In Special will receive it free-of-charge.

* The Sleep-In Special is a service available to players who have earned 1 or more byes.
* Please Note this service is not available to players without any byes. Players who are eligible for this service do not need to attend the main event’s 9am players’ meeting, meaning Sleep-In Specialists can saunter down to the event at their leisure.
* Sleep-In Special meeting time depends on the amount of byes each player has.
1Bye 10:00
2Bye 11:00
3Bye 12:00

How to find out if you have byes for the event
Please find conditions and details on how to earn byes available here:

You can find out how many planeswalker points you have here:
* Please note only planeswalker points earned up until 05/23(Tue) will count towards your byes for this event.

How to register

Registering will require the following information.

- Your name, nationality, address, phone number, mail address
- DCI# and DCI name.

* All announcements will be sent to the representor by Grandprix Kobe organizer.

  1. Click on the register link on the bottom of this page, and the Peatix (external site) registering page will pop up. Then click on the “GET TICKET” button that you can find on the right side.
    You’ll come to a page where you enter how many tickets you want. You can enter “1″ on “registration”.

    * Note: the Peatix pages are shown together in Japanese and English.

    Registration: 10,000 yen

  2. You will get a choice of payment selection. Select your preferred method of payment and click the button to “Next: form”.
    If you aren’t logged in, you’ll get a “login” button instead, which will log you in.

    * You can log in with either a Peatix, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.
    * You can only buy 1 ticket for each type per session.

  3. You will be asked to fill in your name, country, address, phone number, and email address. And please enter DCI# and DCI name.

  4. Follow the instructions on screen and in your email for how to proceed with payment.
    * Note: On the confirmation screen, you get a check if you want to display the registered participants, but this is not part of this registration. In any case, in the Peatix system, the registered participants will not show up, and on our own site, we just show the DCI-name, receipt number, last three digits of DCI number.

    After registration is done, you will receive a confirmation mail from Peatix within an hour.
    Within 5 business days, a final confirmation would be sent out by Grandprix Kobe organizer.

    * If you will not receive a mail from Paetix within an hour, please contact “Peatix”.

    * If you will not receive a final confirmation mail from Grandprix Kobe organizer within 5 business days, please contact us (“contact us”).

    * After registration, a QR code would be included in your confirmation mail. This QR code is not necessary during the Grand Prix.

申To registration page

* Registration is not possible before 4/17 18:00(JST).