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Registration (GP KYOTO 2016)

About registering (online registration) for the Grand Prix Kyoto 2016 main tournament

* This is about registrations for the “MTG Grand Prix Kyoto 2016″, held on the 9th and 10th of September, 2016.
* Registration fees can be paid by credit card or Paypal.
(If you live in Japan, by using the Japanese version of this page, it can be paid by convenience store / ATM.)
* The deadline is before noon (12 o’clock (JST)) September 5th.
* Registering will require team name, representor’s name, nationality, address, phone number, mail address, team members’ DCI#, and team members’ DCI name. (If someone have no DCI#, visit
* We outsource the registration to a service called Peatix. When applying, you will need a Peatix account, or a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.

About special additional registration (added at 8/22)

Pre-registration tickets of GP Kyoto were sold out. Thanks a lot.
However, many players could not register, and asked us to obtain tickets.
Therefore, we will sell only 60 tickets especially, and we will decide teams being able to buy tickets by lottery, not first-come-first-served basis.

Time about starting to participate in a lottery, and end of the time
8/22 (Mon) 19:00 – 8/29 (Mon) 11:00 JST

The number of tickets

24,000 JPY for a team

How to participate in a lottery
Buy the ticket on Peatix, and receive the money until 8/29(Mon)11:00 JST

About repayment
If you miss qualification for GP, we pay back to you on Peatix.(We won’t pay your compounding fee by buying ticket at convenience store/ATM.)

・Don’t make a double application.
The “special additional registration” does not have three kinds of special playmat, case, memo pad, pen, and sleeves, but it has only three promotion cards, Stoneforge Mystic.

We apologize to you that we cannot provide you same service as other players,
but ask for your understanding and cooperation. Thank you.

Online Registration

First period : 7/8 12:00 – Number of quote: 500 teams
Second period: 8/9 12:00 – 9/5 Number of quote: 200 teams

Both registration will also finish as soon as numbers of registrant becomes quotes.

Information about pre-registration

About pre-registration of GP Kyoto 2016, for reason the registration system, if you choice paying by convenience store / ATM, and we cannot confirm the transfer from you until the day after three days, the registration will be cancelled and restock.
So it is possible that the system will restart to sell the tickets after announce says the tickets are sold out.

How to register

Registering will require the following information.

- Team name
- Representor’s name, nationality, address, phone number, mail address
- DCI# and DCI name of Player “A”.
- DCI# and DCI name of Player “B”.
- DCI# and DCI name of Player “C”.
* Representor must be a part of the team.

*Precaution* Player’s seating in the main event is according to the players order during registration. In the form of A, B, C.

* If any changes on team member, team name or seat position needed, please contact us through the specified form from August 29th through September 4th. We will not accept any change of registration except for the period stated. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. (7/7 added)

[グランプリ・京都2016 本戦登録内容変更フォーム]

* All announcements will be sent to the representor by Grandprix Kyoto organizer.

  1. Click on the register link on the bottom of this page, and the Peatix (external site) registering page will pop up. Then click on the “GET TICKET” button that you can find on the right side.
    You’ll come to a page where you enter how many tickets you want. You can enter “1″ on “registration”.

    * Note: the Peatix pages are shown together in Japanese and English.

    Registration: 24,000 yen ( 1 team )

  2. You will get a choice of payment selection. Select your preferred method of payment and click the button to “Next: form”.
    If you aren’t logged in, you’ll get a “login” button instead, which will log you in.

    * You can log in with either a Peatix, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account.
    * You can only buy 1 ticket for each type per session.

  3. You will be asked to fill in representative’s name, country, address, phone number, and email address. Fill in them.
    And please enter DCI# and DCI name of Player “A”, “B” and “C”.

  4. Follow the instructions on screen and in your email for how to proceed with payment.
    * Note: On the confirmation screen, you get a check if you want to display the registered participants, but this is not part of this registration. In any case, in the Peatix system, the registered participants will not show up, and on our own site, we just show the DCI-name, receipt number, last three digits of DCI number.

    After registration is done, you will receive a confirmation mail from Peatix within an hour.
    Within 3 business days, a final confirmation would be sent out by Grandprix Kyoto organizer.

    * If you will not receive a mail from Paetix within an hour, please contact “Peatix”.

    * If you will not receive a final confirmation mail from Grandprix Kyoto organizer within 3 business days, please contact us (“contact us”).

    * After registration, a QR code would be included in your confirmation mail. This QR code is not necessary during the Grand Prix.

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