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*If you can use Japanese, you may make an application at the Japanese version of this page.
*If you wish a package that includes a hotel, you need to do so. (On account of the system, the hotel package is needed to use Japanese and double-byte characters.)

Registration for a Grand Prix Nagoya tournament

* This application, Registration for a Grand Prix Nagoya tournament it will be held on 12 and 13 days in April 2014.
* If you wish, Please choose Sleep-in Special (requires Byes).
* The entry fee payment, it is possible to use credit card payment and PAYPAL.
* Application deadline is [23:00(JST) April 7].
* You will need your name, address, zip code, phone number, email address, and DCI number, for your application.

Registration Procedure

  1. When you click the link to the application page (at the bottom of the screen), Peatix (external site ) is displayed. Please press the “GET TICKET” button on the right side of the screen.

    Then, a screen prompting you to enter the number of tickets will be displayed.
    Please choose Sleep-in Special (requires Byes) or not use. Enter “1″ for you choosen.

    The bottom of the screen column labeled “Select Payment Method” is displayed, select the preferred payment method : Please press the “NEXT FORM” button.

    * Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Peatix account is required.
    * Tickets can be purchased at a time is only one piece.
    * Player of the Platinum level of professional Players Club and the Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame’s honor please choose “With Sleep-in Special”. Then \ 2,500 will be refunded to you at the Grand Prix Nagoya reception (it is for Sleep-in Special).
    * You will be able on account of the system , and nothing Sleep Inn, and apply to both the Sleep Inn Yes, but I can not accept only apply for one or the other in practice. Please note.

  2. Input screen is displayed, please enter the on-screen instructions.
    If you use Sleep-in Special, enter Bye you have(1 or 2 or 3).
    And you also need to selected from the following.
    – Planeswalker point (first)
    – Planeswalker Points ( current fiscal year )
    – Grand Prix Trial victory
    – Pro Player Club
    – Hall of Fame
    If you will not use Sleep-in Special, there is no need for these.
    Please press the button input after the end of the proceeding.

    Please complete the procedures of payment according to the instructions on the screen.

  3. When application is complete, the ticket you will receive an email from Peatix (you will not need to bring this).

    Also then , you will receive a confirmation email from GP Nagoya office.
    Special play mat in order of registration 1,000 people.
    You can see on the mail you can get or not.
    If you get, please pick up at a special play mat reception in the event held during the period.

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